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Pro Rodeo Subscription Box

Pro Rodeo Subscription Box

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Subscription boxes have to be ordered prior to the 6th of each month if they are ordered after the 6th they will be bumped to ship with the following months box for your first box. Each month items are ordered in specifically to design the subscription boxes. So for example, if you place your order on September 3rd, your first box will ship at the end of September. However, if you place your order on September 10, your first box will not ship until the end of October. 

On the seventh of each month, I sit down and order in all the products for the boxes for the month. So if you order past the sixth, you will be bumped to the next month shipment. I tried to keep the boxes, fresh and unique! If you have any questions or want to check in on your box, feel free to either call or text 570-529-5609 Or message us on our Facebook page we will be glad to give you an update So there’s no confusion! 

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