Monthly Facebook Live Sales!

Join us on our Facebook Page on March 21st at 7pm for deals and savings on many different items!

You'll see discounts on Clothing, Myra Bags, Horse Tack, Cowhide Products, Shoes, Toddler Clothing and more!

Facebook Page!

How to become a Brand Rep!

When do you open applications ?

We open up applications every year from December to January and select a new team to represent the brand for a full year!

What we look for in a brand rep ?

We look for young ladies who are already supporting us and helping us grow! Sharing post, tagging us in post and helping us grow our reach!

The Perks?

Each brand rep gets a 10% discount code to share with family and friends and a 25% discount code for them to use personally ! A welcome package and more freebies throughout the year based on performance!

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