Meet The Bandits!

  • Meet Marisa

    Hello! I'm Marisa, I am a 24 year old cowgirl from North East Pennsylvania... That's right! I'm from the North! I am a 3 time State Rodeo Queen Title Holder, I've traveled to 26 states, I have 5 horses , 2 dogs, a wonderful boyfriend and a huge love for western fashion and western jewelry!

  • Rodeo Lover!

    Not only do I have a huge love for the western fashion industry but I am also apart of the western industry. I've been actively involved in the rodeo industry since I was 13 years old. There is nothing in this world I love more than sending a hot headed, ready to go to work, powerhouse down the alley way.

  • My Goal!

    The vision I have for The Bling Bandit is to help build confidence in the western industries located in the North Eastern States. I often hear girls in my states and surrounding states say " Oh I love that, but I could never wear that". Oh but honey! Yes you can! my plan is to show you! So I decided to build The Bling Bandit as an affordable, fashionable and family friendly shop that gives many western vibes and styles! So enjoy your time shopping and please let me know if I can help you build a fun western outfit !

  • Meet Caroline Oeschger!

    Caroline, a true born cowgirl! Caroline runs her own training program out of Lamb Quarter Horses (Camden, NY) where she starts colts, does tune ups and gives lessons to all ages! She also participates in rodeos and working cow events. Being a former rodeo queen for the State of New York she actively advocates for rodeo and the western way of life. She also is a firm believer in bringing the western way of life to the northern states! While horses consist of a large chunk of her life, she also sells real estate with Salmon River Realty and is a full time mom to the sweetest little boy!

  • Meet Bryn Tibbott!

    Hi everyone! My name is Bryn Tibbott! I’m a barrel racer from Ebensburg, Pennsylvania. My horse and I “Wonders Light Streak” travel along the east coast rodeoing for the SEBRA and Bullride Mania Circuits! I began
    my equestrian journey in the hunter jumpers as a child and eventually
    transferred into barrel racing and I never looked back. My goal for the 2023 season is to make the SEBRA National Finals for the second time in Murfreesboro, Tennessee! In November of this year (2022) we made the finals! This was a huge goal accomplished that I would love to do again! I am a huge believer in "look good compete good", therefore fashion is a giant part of my routine as a competitor. That being said I am thrilled to be a part of The Bling Bandit team for the 2023 season!

  • Meet Alyssa Collison!

    Hi I’m Alyssa Collison. I lived in Montana through my freshman year in high school and then moved to the sunny state of Arizona. I am a full time college student and Central Arizona College studying equine management and training, as well as competing on the Central Arziona College rodeo team. I have been riding horses since I was a little tike and horses have been in my life for as long as I can remember. I started in 4-H and then moved on to junior rodeo and now I will be competing in barrel racing in the Grand Canyon Professional Rodeo Association, National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association (NIRA) and the Turquoise Circuit ProRodeo as well as local races and jackpots. I plan on continuing my professional rodeo career as well as training and bringing up young horses. I enjoy fashion and keep up with today’s trends so I am super excited to part of this company and showing y’all the great clothing and accessories they have.

  • Meet Anna Payne!

    Hey y’all my name is Anna Payne! I am so excited to rep the Bling Bandit. I am a Division One athlete committed to Delaware State University on the
    Equestrian team. I compete in Reining and Ranch Riding. Taking home State titles, National rankings, and many other championships. I train
    with Matthew Palmer off of the Last Cowboy! I love posting and making content of animals, fashion, and more! Addie is my four year old mare
    that I compete in reining with. She is so sweet and so soft in the bit. She never disappoints! I also have a 12 year old gelding, Otie, which I retired from reining and compete in the ranch riding. He has the best personality and loves playing tag. Along with those I have goats, exotic chickens, and everything miniature! Be sure to check me out on Instagram @anna_j_payne.

    Go Get It,

  • Meet Jackie Krise!